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I haven't used high street deodorants for about a year now due to their rubbish ingredients. I did intend on trying Salt of the Earth's natural deodorants first, however when I did a little more research on them I decided against them due to their aluminium content. So I thought I would stick with a brand I was more familiar with; Burt's Bees. 

Currently I'm actually distancing myself from Burt's Bees products because they often contain animal products like milk and beeswax. However unless I'm misreading the ingredients lists of these two products, they appear to be vegan.

It is important to note that natural deodorants often don't actually block your skin from producing sweat. They defiantly help odor control  I used to get quite painful red spots on my underarms when using regular deodorants which have completely healed since changing. 

The Burt's Bees Outdoor deodorant was the first natural deodorant I ever used. This is a spray that contains plant extracts. It has quite a strong herbal smell once sprayed, however once the product has settled on the skin the smell becomes a lot less pungent. I found this to work quite well. The initial smell can be a little overpowering at first. I don't think I would buy this again for general use, but I would buy it again if I were planning on going on a camping trip.

Now I know this says "for men" but they don't seem to sell one aimed at females. Plus its only a deodorant, the only difference it would have is the fragrance. I was expecting this to have either a very strong musky smell or a strong herbal smell like the spray deodorant. However its not as strong as I had imagined. It does have a musky smell but its not over powering. I found this deodorant to be long lasting and easy to apply. It has a nice smooth texture and I would rarely need to reapply. I'm currently trying different brands of natural deodorants out, but I would defiantly buy this one again. 

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  1. I also tried it and it worked very well.
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