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So like most people I thought i'd check out the first episode of Breaking Bad to see if i'd like it. Turns out I loved it and watched the whole of the first series and a couple episodes from the second series in a day. Before I knew I had finished watching the whole thing. Then came the empty feeling when I knew there was no more episodes left to watch. I thought it would help me grieve if I created something from the show. I've always been fond of the pink bear that makes various appearances throughout the show.

Shortly after purchasing the materials to make the toy, I found out that an official stuffed toy of the bear was going to be released. When they released the photo of it I was really quite disappointed with it. Firstly, aside from the colour, it really doesn't look anything like the bear in the show. Secondly it looks quite cheap and nasty, especially for the price tag of £34 RRP!!

This is the first articulated teddy bear I've ever made. I amended this pattern to be a little skinnier and have an open mouth with the tongue sticking out. Its a really good pattern and is easy to follow, so don't be put off if you're a beginner!
I did intend to do a step-by-step showing how I amended the patterns but I kept forgetting to take photos of the different stages! I'm sure I can recreate the amended templates if requested. 

The actual bear props in Breaking Bad are made from a light pink swirl fleece fabric rather then hot pink faux fur fabric. I chose to use fur fabric so it would look like the bear in the water footage. Either fabrics are fine to use though.

The ear templates turned out to be a bit too small, so as well as changing the body piece and adding an open mouth and tongue, I also altered the shape of the ears a little. All I did was make them a little wider.

For the paw pads and inner ear fabric I just used an old white tea towel. you can pretty much use whatever fabric you want as long as it is a relatively thin fabric.

To create the white parts on the face, I used the reference photos to create a template of the white area. I then used the template to cut out the shape from white fur fabric.

I also did the same with the white eyebrows. One of the great things about using fur fabric, is that it covers stitching that would usually be visible. If I were using another fabric, I would have had to completely change the original pattern so the head would be sewn together as one piece rather then having the pink head and overlaying it with the white fabric.

To finish the bear, I got my hands on some realistic baby eyes for reborn dolls. They are perfect for this and look so similar to the ones used on the actual prop. Also I used extra long fur fabric, which turned out to be a bit too long so I had to give him a little haircut.

And here is the finished product! I'm pretty pleased with it considering I've never made an articulated teddy bear before. Also without blowing on my own trumpet, I think it looks a lot better and more accurate then the official toy release. I do apologize for not having a step-by-step, but I hope this is helpful to anyone who was thinking of making one for themselves.
Thank you for reading, if you make you're own i'd love to see it!! Have an A1 day ;p


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