Lavera Express Care Leave-in Conditioner and Repair & Care Hair Serum

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I love Lavera, its one of my favorite skincare brands. A little while ago they released a couple of organic hair care products. I new I had to try them and as they were fairly priced at £6.95 each I bought them straight away. As usual, I completely used all of the product from both bottles before reviewing.

The containers is great. Really simple, strong and no unnecessary packaging. Both containers are recyclable too.

Express Care Leave-in Spray with organic orange and green tea

This spray has a very strong sickly orange smell to it. I really don't like the smell at all, but as soon as it sets on your hair the smell isn't too noticeable. I can't say I really liked this spray too much if i'm honest. I found it to be more drying then moisturizing like it claims to be, and considering alcohol is second on the ingredients list, its not too surprising why.
On the plus side it is silicone free, vegan and does contain a few organic ingredients. Its also not too badly priced for a product like this and retails at £6.95.

Repair & Care Hair Serum with organic rose and plant keratin

I actually quite liked this serum. Its a good consistency and you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. It has a rose scent which I didn't like at first but I really like the smell now. I found it useful during winter months as it would coat my ends and protect them a little from the weather. It isn't really that moisturizing though. Again alcohol is second on the ingredients list. This is why I will not be buying it again. My hair is naturally very dry so I really have to be careful with alcohol and other drying ingredients.
Considering its meant to prevent damaged hair, its a shame that it contains alcohol. I feel that with prolonged use it could possibly do the opposite. However it does not contain any horrible silicone and is also vegan like the spray. If they changed the formula to contain no alcohol I would defiantly buy it again.

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