Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick With Tea Tree Oil

13:27 Nichol Dinan 0 Comments

I don't really get breakouts that often but I do like to have something to help when I do get them. I've been trying this Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick out for quite a while now and just finished the tube up so I think I have used it enough to give a fair review. The photos contain product as I took them a few months ago before the tube was empty.

This is the older version of the packaging with Burt's face. The new version looks like this. The older version is 99.90% natural. For a while the newer versions had been changed to 100% natural which I was pleased about. But sadly it appears on their website that they have changed the ingredients again.

The formula itself is good, the rollerball makes it easy to apply and it also drys very fast. I didn't have the problem with the liquid running down my chin like I've heard others have. You really don't need to apply very much as once. I have had this stick for about 2-3 years and have only just used it up.
As for clearing blemishes, I don't think it does an awful lot. I like it due to the antibacterial ingredients and I would say it definitely helps prevent spots from becoming infected. But it won't dramatically speed up the healing time of a blemish.
 The packaging is great. The sleeve that it comes in is made using recycled materials and it is also recyclable. The tube is a tough glass with a plastic screw on top. I've had this in my bag and bashed it about a bit and there is absolutely no damage. There are zero cracks in the plastic lid and even the text on the side of the tube has remained completely in tact and has not rubbed off.
While I would say this is a good little product and great to keep in the handbag, I don't really think I would buy it again as it is essentially just alcohol mixed with oils. I have a large bottle of pure tea tree oil which I find works just as well and is completely natural.