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I've been meaning to do this post for ages! Burt's Bees Radiance collection were some of the first natural products I used. Although they do contain some ingredients which aren't natural, they have not caused any reaction to my very sensitive skin. Also, a lot of the items are contained in glass jars and bottles rather then plastic. I have used up all of the product for fair review.

There are a few products in the range that I never tried like the serum and night cream. I don't tend to use these products in my skin care routine as I don't like to over-moisturize my skin. I did have a travel size bottle of the cleanser but my skin had a slight reaction to it so I stopped using it.

Day Cream: This cream is okay. It does apply nicely and feel light on the skin, however I found the amount really didn't last me very long. And with a price RRP at £19.99, its really not a realistic long term choice.

Eye Cream: This eye cream is my favorite pick from the collection. Its recommended retail price is quite expensive at £19.99, however unlike the day cream, a very little goes a long way. I used this nearly every day and it lasted for over a year and a half. it applies nicely to the under eye skin and moisturizes the skin nicely.

SPF 15 Day Lotion: This lotion with SPF 15 is good for both face and body. I would mainly use it on my legs in the summer and it helped to prevent dry skin and sun burn. It isn't ultra moisturizing, but is enough to counteract my skin drying out from the sun protecting ingredients. The formula is a little sticky but that is expected from products with SPF. Once applied to the skin it dries quite quickly and doesn't remain sticky unlike some similar products.

Toner: This is quite a good toner that didn't dry out my dry skin type. It dries quickly on the skin, doesn't leave any strange residue and is kind to sensitive skin. However it retails for £9.99, I have even purchased organic toners that are a lot cheaper then this so I think it is very overpriced.

Although I found these products to work nicely with my skin type, I won't be going back to them in the future mainly because they contain animal products. I also found them to be very expensive for the price, especially as they aren't completely natural. There are much cheaper products on the market that are completely vegan and contain 100% natural and often organic ingredients.