DIY How to make 100% Natural eco friendly make-up remover face wipes

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I have slowly but surely been converting to only using natural products for almost a year now. Annoyingly before I decided to go natural I stockpiled a load of hair and skin care products which I am still trying to use up. I just finished up all my makeup remover and face wipes a couple months ago and thought I'd show you what I now use to remove my makeup and how to make them. Not only do they contain absolutely no horrible chemicals but are re-usable and eco-friendly! Although initially they are a little expensive as you have to buy the ingredients, in the long run they are a lot cheaper then buying them from a store. Dead easy to make too, lets start..

What you will need:
- 1/2 - 1 meter of cotton fabric (I use soft cotton jersey fabric from here)
- 100% pure coconut oil. I got mine at my local Indian supermarket for £3.99. This is the same stuff
-fabric scissors
- 1 Liter of boiling water
- Either a pop-up box as pictured, or a tub to keep them in

Step 1:
Lay your cotton out and cut it into roughly the same sized squares. If you are using a normal tub to store your wipes it doesn't really matter what size they are as long as they fit. If you are using a pop-up box like me then make sure each wipe is thin enough to fit into box horizontally but add a couple of inches to the high. For example, my box is 15cmx9cm, so I made my wipes 15cmx18cm

My 1 meter of fabric made 48 wipes. I only need about half of these to fill the box. This is handy as while one batch is in the wash I can use the spares to make the next batch.

If you are using a regular tub, skip to step 5

To make sure another wipe will pop out the top of the box once the top wipe has been taken, they need to be folded:
1- place the box next to the wipe, facing the way that it would be inside the box.
2- fold the top end down so that the end reaches little over a third way down of the fabric.
3- flip the fabric over.
4- fold the other end enough so it will overlap the previous fold and will be small enough to fit in the box.

Step 3:

This can be time consuming if you do one at a time. I laid out six at a time, folded them all , then ironed them all. Was A LOT quicker!

Interlock each wipe by connecting the folds to the wipe behind and in front of it.

Put the wipes to once side to make the solution. Prepare your ingredients and boil a litre of water

Add one tablespoon of coconut oil to the hot water. It needs to be warm-hot to be able to melt the coconut oil. This is the basic solution, easy right?

optional ingredients to add include:
- olive oil (I added 1 Tbs)
- tea tree oil
- honey
- witch hazel
- you can even add some of your usual face wash

As oil and water don't mix, give your solution a quick stir so the oil is as dispersed in the water as it can possible be. Then simply pour your solution over your wipes and make sure each one is saturated (you may need to leave them to soak). Dispose of any excess solution and place the wipes in the tub. As the wipes are now damp, the ends of each wipe should cling to each other enough to pull the next one out the top (as pictured) before they separate from each other.

And you're done!
I hope you found this helpful. If you decide to give this a go I'd love to know how yours turned out! Thanks for reading :)


  1. They sound amazing hope I get chance to make these one day

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    1. Thanks so much hun, if you do let me know how they go :) x

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