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Men's Oakley Wood Print T-shirt, Netted Hoodie, Ebay Leather Backpack, Underground Suede D-Ring Creepers, River Island Watch

Oh the weather in England is shite! I wish I could go on holiday but I can't even find a full time job.
I have another DIY to post but I need half decent weather to get a good photo of the finished thing. Annoyingly all we've had is overcast and rainy days. Rubbish! I am longing for summer..

Anyway! I'm obsessed with this netted hoodie I picked up for a bargain of £6.55! Adds a little bit of edge to my beloved T-shirts and adds a little extra warmth for this cold weather. Wood Print T-shirt is from Oakley. I wanted it in a bigger size but could only get it in size S. I have been trying to stretch it out ever since I bought it though.


  1. Your hair! Omg. I'm so jealous.

  2. Love the look! I was living in London so I can understand what u mean for the weather..OMG!!

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