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I've been all over the Autumn and Winter Lana Del Rey collections at H&M and have got my hands on quite a few of the items. I had been after these light grey/blue buckled heels as they sold out immediately but lucky managed to find them a couple weeks ago online. Annoyingly they are incredibly uncomfortable to wear but I absolutely love how they look on! I think I'll have to restrict myself to only wearing these out to dinner or for a drink.. where I can stay seated the whole time and switch to my Walk-home-shoes when need be

Also I found this amazing cat head shopper bag while online. So now I can show my love for cats where ever I go... Plus I will still be able to use this in thirty years time when I will be a crazy cat lady.

H&M grey dress, Caged bird Necklace, Gold spike necklace worn as bracelet, H&M buckled heels, Achahcum cat head bag

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  1. Oh, this cat bag is just... perfect! I really liked your style and your looks :)
    following you, xx