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 Hooters sweatshirt, Ebay camo trousers, Super Comet sneakers, Assorted rings

Its been overcast in England every single day!! I wish the weather would just clear up for one day so I could take some decent photos!
I've had this jumper for five years now, I went to Brighton and found one just like this in a vintage shop... but it was 50 quid and a child size. Tried to find one online and couldn't so I bought a fruit of the loom jumper and some transfer paper and made my own. Had a quick internet search and loads of places are selling them in the UK now! I think I'll wait until I actually visit a restaurant.  Really annoyed I only just found out that one of the only Hooters in the UK is in Nottingham. My boyfriend studied at Nottingham university, if i'd known I would have got one when I went to visit.
I found the camo trousers online for £9 in a sale.

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