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I've been into varsity style clothing ever since I bought this jumper from my uni. Awhile ago while shopping online I came across the Ashish for Topshop Loser Jacket. I fell in love with the lettering on the back and felt it described me as a person. However it was stupid money (about £70) and I really wasn't that into the colour scheme. I also found a jumper with the words "GEEK" in varsity style. I liked it but not for £30. I also found the lettering a bit too plain without a boarder and thought I could make my own pretty easily and for a fraction of the price. 


-Felt squares (2 different colours)
-Fabric scissors
-Needle and thread
-Tracing paper/ greaseproof paper

Step 1: Choose font.

Choose a good varsity style font. Many free fonts can be found at I chose the font simply titled 'Varsity' by Brøderbund Software.

Step 2: Trace out needed letters

Re-size the the letters to the scale you desire. Either print these out or use tracing/greaseproof paper to trace them straight from the screen. Then cut around the lines you traced to create a template.

Step 3: Cutout fabric

Pin your template to the felt and cut around the template. Now place this onto another piece of fabric that is a different colour. Draw an outline a few milometers bigger around the shape and cut this out.

Step 4: Attach

Simply sew these two letters together with a thread that matched the the top letter. Alternatively if you don't like sewing you could just use a glue or double sided tape. While I love using glue guns, I would advise against using one in this case at it will sink through the fabric and make it look patchy.

So simple!!

The great thing about these letters is that they are so versatile! Not only can they easily be attached to clothing but they can also be used for card making, wall signs etc.

I managed to buy the Jacket from New Look for £7.00 in the sale and a whole pack of felt for £1. That's around a £63 saving!!

I bought the grey jumper online for £7.49. That's £32.51 cheaper then the Topshop version and I can customize it more to suit me!


  1. seriously amazing will defiantly be giving this a go!!
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